150,000.00 150,000.00

Live Production Setup for Churches and TV stations

Learn Live Production Setup (Basic and Advanced Course) for Churches, TV stations, Concerts, etc. The training program consists of different packages and learning stages starting from basic 3 weeks to advanced 6 months of intensive training. The overall cost of the entire training is valued at N500,000 nairas only.

See details below:

6 months 500,000
3 months 300,000
4 Weeks 200,000
3 weeks 150,000

Note: Then 3months and 6months comes with an internship where you are paid while learning

The course will cover a wide variety of areas such as:

  1. Understanding Camera and gadget Types.
  2. Hardware and Softwares Choices
  3. Connecting and Configuration of Gadgets
  4. Building your Team
  5. Producing and Broadcasting Alone
  6. Making your first Money


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